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Bounce Rate in Google Analytics, August 2011 0

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics, August 2011

Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Articles

What is Bounce rate in Google Analytics?- Discussions  and Minutes of Meeting: August 28th 2011         Introduction  to OME- By  Swati and Rajesh  Introduction of Members and Attendees   Pictures of the OME Community August 28, 2011 Meet-up           Expectations and Experiences of attendees from the OME Community Meet-up: ·         Practical ideas that one can relate to ·         Extensive sharing of information ·         Passion to learn Online Marketing ·         Sharing of  new ideas and technology freely ·         Discussion on the current scenario in ‘Online Marketing’ and the  best industry practices in this sphere ·         No spamming  and promotional messages on any Social Media platform Ranjan Jena addresses the following topics on “Bounce Rate”: What is bounce rate? A visitor comes to a website through a search engine and exits the website within a few seconds without going to the next page. Types of bounce rate Definitions of Bounce Rate Suggested read  by the Father of Analytics: Mr.Avinash Kaushik (Book: Web Analytics 2.0 or visit What does Bounce rate tell you about your page? How does bounce rate work? Are key words relevant to the landing page? Is the navigation wrong? Is there no call to action-...

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